Not quite #365everydayobjects

   Well, I started off the year with a challenge to myself to draw everyday for a year. I was really enjoying but reality set in around day eighty or so. That reality that I was not working on things that actually really needed to get done in favor of my daily drawing obligation. That's when it began to be less fun and I realized that with holiday design season coming up VERY quickly it was going to need to take a back seat. I didn't make that decision lightly because I am a stubborn person and when I make a promise to anyone, even myself, I hate to go back on it. I'm really in awe of anyone who can pull off a daily challenge of any sort because it doesn't sound like a big deal but then you think that's 365 DAYS! Wow! Anyway, I am very humbled by the kind words and support over the last 100 days (I made it to 100!!). Thank you so much!